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I founded ASV Sports as part of my family-owned business. Based on my experience in the industry I wanted to build a program on the foundation of trustworthiness, and impeccable customer service. At ASV Sports, our goal is to partner with schools to assist with funding for their athletic department while presenting economical advertising options for local retailers who back those schools. It is our desire to use various products and services to promote stronger, healthier connections between communities and schools.

Youth athletics are often the pillar of our communities. We want to partner with our clients on a mission to create stronger community coalitions through youth athletics. To accomplish this goal, we commit to providing schools, businesses owners and members of the community with the highest quality products and stellar customer service in our industry.


Our Mission

ASV Sports wants to partner with your school to promote the student athlete, athletic teams, and local businesses with our digital services. It's a “win-win-win” for everyone.

We gain a sense of community by being involved in the many organizations that seek to benefit others. We support local fundraising and events with our volunteers and graphic design services. We believe in making a difference by actively participating in these charities.


Do You Qualify? Being a physical athlete is great, but being a arcademic athlete should be your primary goal.

The old sports saying is “that one has to practice hard in order to play hard”. However, many student-athletes find themselves "warming the bench" even after they give their all in practice. This is not because the coach has little faith in the athlete's skills, and the coach is not punishing the athlete.

The student-athletes are not playing because they are academically ineligible. The eligibility system determines whether a student-athlete should be allowed to play depending on the athlete's grades. If a student has poor grades, then they are deemed academically ineligible and are not allowed to participate in competition.

Qualifications: NCAA Eligibility    NAIA Eligibility


Getting Recruited Students Must Take Action

"My coach will do it for me." Goes without saying, it's not your coachs' responsibility to get you a scholarship. Parents, you have to get more involved with your student's athlete recruiting.

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Ready For College

This is a process that involve parents, athlete high school, and college coaches.

* Academic requirements from NCAA and your high school


ASV Sports has an experienced team of people who are passionate about helping schools and athletes.
Times are tough and we know that school and organization budgets are facing the heat.

Utilizing our principal business practices, we work with you to bring the best marketing opportunities to your school. So you can generate the advertising revenue your school needs.


How It Works

You can design your ad virtually any way you want with your company name, logos, slogans, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, website addresses, and other ideas. Your ad size will play a role in how much information is included on your ad. We recommend leaving enough “white” space so the information “pops” off the page and is readable. All images will be converted to school colors for printing. Artwork from a website can be used but is not recommended due to low resolution.

Email Your Information

Images are preferred to be in one of these file formats: PDF, TIFF, AI, EPS, JPG, PNG. Images should be at least 2400 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution. Scan @ 600 dpi and in full color, even if ad copy is black and white. Additional charges will apply if we are required to re-create your logo

Fax Your Ad Copy

Please do not send original images via fax. The resolution will not meet the printing requirements. Since faxes will distort images and the resolution does not meet printing requirements, we prefer to receive images via email. Please send only text changes for your ad when faxing. You can then email or mail your logo image

Mail Your Business Card

If you mail us your business card please include an extra copy in case one gets damaged. Please send clean copies of your originals for scanning purposes (please don’t write on front of card). Please specify what information you’d like placed in your ad from your business card, letterhead, website, etc.


All Plans Are Based On Ad Sizes



    2½" x 1½$150

    2½" x 2"$200

    2½" x 3"$250

    Season Price:$350-$725

  • 11" X 17" POSTER


    3" x 1½"$250

    1½" x 1½"$100

    2" x 2"$125

    Season Price:$200-$725



    1" x 2"$100

    2" x 2"$150

    2" x 3"$200

    Season Price:$200-$575



    1½" x 1½"$200

    1½" x 3"$500

    Season Price:$220-$1500


    HomePage Link

    Dimensions:180×150 Pixels

    1 Year Price:$300



    Dimensions:300×250 Pixels

    1 Year Price:$400



    Dimensions: 234×60 Pixels

    1 Year Price:$1,500

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